Spearmint Beard Shampoo

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Made with the finest Natural Argan Oil


Spearmint Beard Shampoo

*Suitable for daily use

Bobo’s Beard Shampoo will gently wash any length beard for that extra healthy beard all year round.

In addition, Bobo’s Beard Washes are made with the finest ingredients.

One of which is the finest cold pressed Moroccan Argan Oil. Argan Oil is renowned for its softening and repairing effects on hair due to its

large amounts of nutrients including vitamin E and fatty acids. Therefore it doesn’t just improve the shine and softness of the hair but it will

also promote the growth of healthy strong hair as apposed to weak and brittle.

Bobo’s Spearmint Beard Shampoo is lightly scented with spearmint essential oil , to keep your beard smelling fresh between washes.

Bobo’s Shampoo comes in a 100ml bottle and will look great on your shelf.

Forgot how to use Shampoo?

Pump desired amount of Shampoo into your palm, and scrub through a nicely wet Beard until a lather occurs.

Then rinse well and condition (with our Beard Conditioner of course!)

Why Shampoo the Beard?

  • Helps the build up of Oil on the skin under the Beard
  • Makes your Beard more hygienic (smells and looks better)
  • Makes brushing and styling the Beard easier

As a result, your grooming routine is simple and quick!

Bobo’s Beard Shampoo will keep your Beard looking top notch, so make Bobo’s part of your daily Beard Care.

Pssst….Don’t forget your Beard Conditioner!

After Shampoo and Conditioning your Beard, make sure you use a 100% Natural Beard Oil to moisturise your Beard and the skin underneath, helping soften and tame unruly hair.

Bobo’s Beard Company proudly supported by Eddie Hall, the UK’s Strongest Man, for the strongest Beard.


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