Peppermint Beard Balm

100% Natural Peppermint Beard Balm


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Bobo’s Peppermint Beard Balm is the perfect companion for your fuzzy face compadre and holds a delectable scent to nourish and style your schnozz!

Presented in a 50ml glass jar with aluminium screw top lid.

Peppermint has an intense odour that’s cool and refreshing whilst benefiting from the antiseptic and antibacterial properties for the skin under the beard.

Homemade with the finest Moroccan argan oil and 100% natural ingredients.

Beard balm serves a similar purpose to beard oil but with the benefit of providing a firm hold for the larger, thicker beards. Suitable for daily use within your grooming routine.

Directions of use: 

  • Start with a damp beard.
  • Use a thumb nail’s worth (depending on the size of your beard).
  • Wake up the party by warming the balm in your palm.
  • Work through the beard with your fingers in a downward motion.
  • Brush or comb through to distribute evenly.
  • Style as required.


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