Beard Brush Gift Set

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The best Natural Boar Hair

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Beard Brush Gift Set

Bobo’s Beard Company natural boar hair medium beard brush. Ideal for any length beard.

With a solid wooden waxed oak handle. This comes in its own wooden presentation box, a fantastic gift for any bearded man.

Directions for use:

Run the brush through the beard to help stimulate and massage the skin, which will promote growth.

While at the same time it will clean the Beard, removing dirt , excess oil and flakes as you brush.

To keep your Beard in tip top condition make sure you take a look at our Beard Oils and Balms to complete your look and look after your Beard in all seasons.

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Supported by Eddie Hall, the UK’s Strongest Man for the strongest Beard.

Bobo’s Beard Company, Made by the Beard, for the Beard.


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